Porsche Digital

It’s been an exciting year for Porsche Digital Croatia. Founded in the midst of a pandemic, this joint venture with the Croatian tech company Infinum has already achieved great success in its first year.

Mixed Teams at Porsche Digital Croatia lead to innovation

In September 2020, Porsche Digital opened a new office in Croatia’s capital Zagreb, making it the…

What will work look like in the future? Thousands of companies are currently facing this question. Stefan Zerweck, COO of Porsche Digital, and Viktoria Solms, Head of Marketing, Growth and Communications, share insights into the new normal of the digital unit.

How will our “new normal” look like? An outlook by Stefan Zerweck

One of the largest real-time experiments ever conducted in…

Porsche Digital

Official Account of Porsche Digital | Our mission: Digital engineering to spark excitement and to create value

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